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Apache PHP 5 and MYSQL dev image
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Docker Apache PHP

To Build

$ docker build -t eugeneware/docker-apache-php .

To Run

Use docker volumes to expose
your web content to the apache web server.

# run docker apache php
$ CONTAINER=$(docker run -d -p 80 -p 3306 -v /your/path/to/serve:/var/www/html eugeneware/docker-apache-php)

# get the http port
$ docker port $CONTAINER 80

To access the database

# get the mysql port
$ docker port $CONTAINER 3306

# get [dockerhost] IP reading 'inet addr' value
$ ifconfig docker0 | grep 'inet addr'
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

$ mysql -h172.17.42.1 -uroot -P 49205
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