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Moped - A Model-Checker for Pushdown Systems
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Moped is a model checker for pushdown systems. For more information, see the official web page.

The image contains both Moped version 1 and 2 as well as the following packages:

  • 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04
  • CUDD 2.4.1
  • LTL2BA 1.0

To use the image, type docker run -i -t dejvuth/moped /bin/bash.

It is also possible to mount a local directory (e.g. /home/user/project) inside the VM (e.g. /project). Type docker run -i -t -v /home/user/project:/project dejvuth/moped /bin/bash.

Once inside the VM, use moped for Moped version 2 and moped-1 for Moped version 1.

The source code and examples can be found in /usr/local/src/moped.

Some examples:

  • cd /usr/local/src/moped
  • moped moped/examplesK1/fac.rem ok
  • moped moped/examplesK2/qsort3Mini.rem error
  • moped-1 -t moped-1/examples/quicksort_error.pds "<> ok"
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