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A docker image for reverse proxying to linked web containers.


Let's assume you have two docker containers that expose a webserver and you
have a host at where you run the containers...

$ docker run -d -p 81:80 --name foo dekim/foo
$ docker run -d -p 82:80 --name bar dekim/bar

But rather than access them as and you want to use sub domains like so: and

Simply run the web containers without exposing any ports on the host...

$ docker run -d --name foo dekim/foo
$ docker run -d --name bar dekim/bar

Then run the autoproxy container with links to the two web containers...

$ docker run -d -p 80:80 --link foo:foo --link bar:bar dekim/autoproxy

This will start the autoproxy container listening on port 80. Any requests it
receives for will be proxied to the foo container, and any
requests for will be proxied to the bar container.

You can supply as many linked containers as you like. The autoproxy container
will automatically proxy requests to linked containers that expose port 80 by
matching the subdomain in the request's host header to the container's link

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