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A SlackBot for the Angular CLI team
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A SlackBot for the Angular CLI team.


git clone
cd cling
npm install


In order for this project to run you need a Firebase service account file, a GitHub token, and a Slack token.

Environment File

  • Copy the .env.example file so you can edit the appropriate environment variables

    cp .env.example .env

N.B. Do not use quotes for any environment variables


  • Log in to the Firebase console.
  • Create New Project or open an existing one.
  • Click the cog icon and select Project Settings.
  • Click on Service Accounts and click the Generate new Private Key button. This will download a json file.
  • Set the FIREBASE_* environment variables in the .env file with the appropriate values from the json file


  • Login to your Slack admin:
  • Click Configure Apps in the sidebar
  • Search for Bots and on the bot page click Add Configuration
  • Give the bot a name and click Add bot integration
  • Set the SLACK_TOKEN environment variable with the bot token, e.g. xox*-************-************************


  • Login to your GitHub account:
  • Navigate to
  • Fill in the token description
  • Select the repo checkbox
  • Click Generate Token at the bottom of the page
  • Set the GITHUB_TOKEN variable with the generated
  • Set the GITHUB_PROJECT variable with the project you would like to have the bot work with

    e.g. angular/angular-cli



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