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GPUVerify Docker image

This repository contains the DockerFile and other associated files
for building a Docker container from the latest GPUVerify code.

Getting the image

First obtain the image from the DockerHub. If you don't want to do this see "Building"

$ docker pull delcypher/gpuverify-docker

Running the web service

By default the container will run GPUVerifyRise4Fun web service which
internally is exposed via port 5000. To map that to a local port (e.g.
1234) run.

$ docker run --publish=1234:5000 delcypher/gpuverify-docker

You can use to talk to the web service.

Running the command line

You can gain access to a shell inside the container (note --rm removes
the container when you exit it).

$ docker run -ti --rm --entrypoint="/bin/bash" delcypher/gpuverify-docker

To actually verify some kernels you'll probably want to add
some volumes (-v flag to docker run) so GPUVerify has
access to some kernels on your system.


If you'd rather not used the pre-built image from the DockerHub
Then you can build it locally on your system by doing the following.

$ cd /path/to/this/repository
$ docker build -t "delcypher/gpuverify-docker" .
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