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This is an unofficial Docker container for ShimmerCat, using Alpine Linux.
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This is an unofficial Docker container for ShimmerCat.

Are you a performance-conscious web developer? Then ShimmerCat is the tool for you. Unlike general purpose web servers, ShimmerCat seeks to dramatically reduce the amount of work that it takes to create a web application that loads in a fraction of the time. Start developing fast-loading HTTPS+HTTP/2 websites with a tool for the purpose!

See for more information.


To build the image you must git lfs checkout beforehand in order to resolve the binary artifacts.


The default is to run in "devlove" mode in the foreground, so use:

docker run --rm --volume $PWD:/srv/www -p 443:4043 shimmercat

To query that instance using curl, where <hostname> is one listed in devlove.yaml (e.g. localhost)

curl --cacert .config/mousebox/mousebox_ca_root_*.pem -I https://<hostname>/


  • If you change <hostname> in devlove.yaml, you'll have to rm -rf .shimmercat.loves.devs. It will be re-created next run using the new host name.
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