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Projektron BCS docker
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Dockerfile for Projektron BSC

  • For projektron versions 7.32 and below please use the tag :7.32_or_less
  • For versions 7.34 and up, use the tag :7.34 or latest (= no tag)
    Please mind that you need working configs from a previous installation. Configs usually don't need to be changed, as long as the correct port is used on docker start.

Variables you need to pass on docker run:

  • BCS = directory in which bcs files will be extracted (if empty defaults to /opt/projektron/bcs)
  • JAVA_HOME (if empty defaults to /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64)
  • TOMCAT_HOME (if empty defaults to /usr/local/tomcat)
  • PROJEKTRON_VERSION (e.g. 7.30.12)
  • LICENSE (filename of your license file, e.g. company_name_license.lic)

Volumes you need to define:

  • /scripts (e.g. -v docker/bcs/scripts:/scripts)
  • /license (e.g. -v docker/bcs/license:/license)
  • /usr/local/tomcat/conf (e.g. -v /docker/bcs/tomcat/conf:/usr/local/tomcat/conf)
  • /opt/projektron/bcs/conf (e.g. -v /docker/bcs/opt/projektron/bcs/conf:/opt/projektron/bcs/conf)
  • for projektron versions 7.34 and above also add:
    /opt/projektron/bcs/customlibs (e.g. -v /docker/bcs/customlibs:/opt/projektron/bcs/customlibs)

In your scripts volume you need:

A file called 'credentials', containing your bcs Support credentials (login name in first line, password in second line)
User.Name <br/>

In your license volume you need:

Your license file, make sure the filename fits the $LICENSE variable

In your tomcat/conf volume you need:

Configs for tomcat (obviously)

In your bcs/conf volume you need:

Configs for projektron

In your bcs/customlibs volume you need:

Your database-libfile (e.g. jdbc_psql_42.jar)


Updating projektron works by upgrading the container, still ALWAYS backup before changing the $PROJEKTRON_VERSION number.
Minor updates work flawlessly by upgrading the container with the new $PROJEKTRON_VERSION number.
Major updates often require database migration. Do NOT skip major versions, iterate through all aviable versions to correctly migrate your database.

Proposed procedure:

  • Backup persisted volumes
  • Backup database
  • Upgrade container with new major $PROJEKTRON_VERSION variable
  • See what happens, read log files. This might take some minutes

If you encounter any errors, please consult the projektron install guidelines

  • If additional database migration is needed, ssh into the container and execute the migration according to the specific releasenotes
  • When in doubt, restart the container
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