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Build jenkins-slave docker image.
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Project website-search is a automation test of robot framework. It tests searching official website on Chrome and Firefox as well as captures screenshots.

Change Log

  • 8/2, 16
    • Add two account to test login.
    • Remove Jenkins config volume.
    • Use demontsai/jenkins:ruckus image instead.



  • Please download the code:

    $ git clone
  • Run command:

    $ docker-compose up -d



  • When you complete command, please open Jenkins.
  • You would see login page, account/password list:
    1. ruckus/ruckus
    2. demon/demon
    3. test/test
  • There is a project called website-search at home page.
  • Entering website-search project and build it.
  • You could click #BUILD_NUMBER and see what's going on in Console Output if you want to.
  • Use VNC, you can connect into selenium-node and see browser behavior, for chrome: localhost:5900, for firefox: localhost:5901
  • More details at test case


  • In #BUILD_NUMBER page, you would see result including report.html and log.html.
  • There are two screentshots, website_screenshot_Chrome.png and website_screenshot_Firefox.png, their location is at $BUILD_NUMBER -> Browse results -> Original result files.
  • Screenshots would show you Ruckus Wireless official website.


  • If you want to search other official website.
    1. Entering project website-search -> Configure -> Build section.
    2. Modify command robot -d build test_case/website-search.robot to robot -d build --variable KEYWORD:your_keyword --variable OFFICIAL_WEBSITE:website_url test_case/website-search.robot
      • Example: robot -d build --variable --variable KEYWORD:touchcloud --variable test_case/website-search.robot
    3. Save and build it again.
    4. Screenshot would show you official website what you want.


  • Docker image jenkins-slave:base and jenkins-slave:website-search already done and push to my DockerHub for speedup.
  • jenkins-slave:base image is a jenkins-slave with clean environment (only openjdk installed).
  • jenkins-slave:website-search image base on jenkins-slave:base with python-pip, git, robotframework and robotframework-selenium2library for test environment.
  • More Dockerfile details at jenkins-slave:base and jenkins-slave:website-search
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