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Docker Image with InfluxDB, Kapacitor and Grafana


InfluxDB: 0.10.1-1
Kapacitor: 0.10.1-1
Grafana: 2.6.0

Build image

cd into the directory:

sudo docker build -t dennisliu/influxdb-grafana-kapacitor .

Quick Start

To start the container the first time launch:

docker run -d \
  --name docker-influxdb-kapacitor-grafana \
  -p 3003:9000 \
  -p 3004:8083 \
  -p 8086:8086 \
  -p 22022:22 \

To stop the container launch:

docker stop docker-influxdb-kapacitor-grafana

To start the container again launch:

docker start docker-influxdb-kapacitor-grafana

Mapped Ports

Host        Container        Service

3003        9000            grafana
8086        8086            influxdb
3004        8083            influxdb-admin
22022        22                sshd


ssh root@localhost -p 22022

Password: root


Open http://localhost:3003

Username: root
Password: root

Add data source on Grafana

  1. Open Data Source from left side menu, then click on Add new
  2. Choose a name for the source and flag it as Default
  3. Choose InfluxDB 0.9.x as type
  4. Fill remaining fields as follows and click on Add without altering other fields
Url:        http://localhost:8086
Database:    data
User:        data
Password:    data

Now you are ready to add your first dashboard and launch some query on database.


Web Interface

Open http://localhost:3004

Username: root  
Password: root  
Port:     8086

InfluxDB Shell (CLI)

  1. Establish a ssh connection with the container
  2. Launch influx to open InfluxDB Shell (CLI)
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