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A crawler for a large social network.
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Shuoshuo_scala is a social network crawler for Tencent's Qzone(or Shuoshuo 说说). It is fully restful and asynchronized.

Design Idea:

Shuoshuo_scala is a revised version of Shuoshuo_crawler, but there are some difference:

Shuoshuo_scala shuoshuo_crawler
uses Elastic Search as its data store uses MongoDB
written in Scala and it's lock-free written in C++
has a RESTful interface a interface provided by MongoDB
provides full-text search none

Elastic Search Configuration(Optional):

Before you start the server, it is recommanded to configure Elasticsearch. Shuoshuo_scala still runs properly without configuration.

  1. Install Elastic Search(the version below is a version with IK plugin, IK adds Chinese support to Elastic Search)

    <pre>git clone git:// -b master --depth 1</pre>
    <pre>cd elasticsearch/bin


    <pre>cd elasticsearch/bin

  2. Add mappings to Elastic Search:

    curl -XPUT "http://localhost:9200/qq" -d'
    "mappings": {
     "shuoshuo": {
       "properties": {
         "time": {
           "type":   "date",
           "format": "epoch_second",
           "index": "not_analyzed"
                 "type" : "string",
                 "index": "analyzed",
                 "boost" : 20.0,
                 "term_vector" : "with_positions_offsets",
                 "analyzer": "ik",
                 "include_in_all" : true
             "type": "string",
             "index": "not_analyzed"
             "type": "long"
             "index": "not_analyzed"
             "type": "integer"
             "type": "integer"

RESTful interface:

Most of the RESTful service has jsonp support, you just have to add jsonp=YOUR_CALLBACK to URLs.

  1. Search Service:
  GET /search/?q=KEY_WORDS
  GET /search/?q=KEY_WORDS&field=FIELD
  1. Start Server:
  GET /admin/start/?qq=QQ_NUM&skey=QQ_SKEY
  GET /admin/start/?qq=QQ_NUM&skey=QQ_SKEY&seed=SEED_QQ
  1. Check State:
  GET /admin/check/
  1. Add Target:
  GET /admin/addtarget/?qq=QQ_NUM
  1. Add Worker QQ:
  GET /admin/addworker/?qq=QQ_NUM&skey=QQ_SKEY
  1. Get G_TK:
  GET /util/getg_tk/?qq=QQ_NUM&skey=QQ_SKEY

Start the Server:

  • make sure Elastic Search is running on localhost, and install oraclejdk8
  • sbt run
  • Open a browser(or do it in your application) and do a request like:
  GET /admin/start/?qq=QQ_NUM&skey=QQ_SKEY
  GET /admin/start/?qq=QQ_NUM&skey=QQ_SKEY&seed=SEED_QQ
  • Check the status and the crawling rate

Where I can get the skey?

When you logined into Qzone, find the cookies skey, skey is started with @

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