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Run PHP Depend tool (pdepend) in Docker container. This tool shows you the quality of your design in the terms of extensibility, reusability and maintainability.


Run PHP Autoload Builder (phpab) in Docker container


Build from Dockerfile:

``` sh
sudo docker build  -t denisura/pdepend .

Verify build:

``` sh
sudo docker run --rm -it denisura/pdepend --version


  1. Install the denisura/pdepend container (optional - this step is performed by Docker automatically when running the container):

     $ docker pull denisura/pdepend
  2. Define an bash alias that runs this container whenever pdepend is invoked on the command line:

     $ echo "alias pdepend='docker run --rm -it -v \$(pwd):/workspace denisura/pdepend'" >> ~/.bashrc
     $ source ~/.bashrc
  3. Run phpunit as always:

     $ pdepend --version
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