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Used to create Docker images for running PHP_CodeSniffer tools (phpcs/phpcbf).


Build from Dockerfile:

``` sh
sudo docker build --no-cache -t denisura/phpcs .

Verify build:

``` sh
sudo docker run --rm -it denisura/phpcs phpcs --version
sudo docker run --rm -it denisura/phpcs phpcbf --version


  1. Install the denisura/phpcs container (optional - this step is performed by Docker automatically when running the container):

     $ docker pull denisura/phpcs
  2. Define an bash alias that runs this container whenever composer is invoked on the command line:

     $ echo "alias phpcs='docker run --rm -it -v \$(pwd):/workspace denisura/phpcs phpcs'" >> ~/.bashrc
     $ echo "alias phpcbf='docker run --rm -it -v \$(pwd):/workspace denisura/phpcs phpcbf'" >> ~/.bashrc
     $ source ~/.bashrc
  3. Run composer as always:

     $ phpcs --version
     $ phpcbf --version
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