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A actor for updating python-pip dependencies.
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actor that updates python pip
dependencies in using git branches and pull requests.


For the dependency.path, does a basic replacement of {name}=={installed} to
{name}=={new_version}. You must (and should anyway) be pinning the exact
version of your dependencies for this to work.
If given a pip_freeze_target,
then also does a fresh pip install -r and pip freeze to a specified path to
save all dependency versions.

For each dependency, it will get the highest version and create a single
branch/PR that updates all the way to that version (skipping/including any
versions in between).


- ...
  - type: python-pip
    versions: "L.Y.Y"
    settings:  # all settings are optional
      pip_freeze_target: path/to/frozen/requirements.txt  # path to `pip freeze > path`

      # github options
      github_labels:  # list of label names
      - bug
      github_assignees:  # list of usernames
      - davegaeddert
      github_milestone: 3  # milestone number
      github_base_branch: develop  # branch to make PR against (if something other than your default branch)

      # gitlab options
      gitlab_assignee_id: 1  # assignee user ID
      gitlab_labels:  # labels for MR as a list of strings
      - dependencies
      - update
      gitlab_milestone_id: 1  # the ID of a milestone
      gitlab_target_project_id: 1  # The target project (numeric id)
      gitlab_remove_source_branch: true  # flag indicating if a merge request should remove the source branch when merging
      gitlab_target_branch: develop  # branch to make PR against (if something other than your default branch)

Works well with



Any questions or issues with this specific actor should be discussed in GitHub
. If there is
private information which needs to be shared then you can instead use the support.

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