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This is a minimal Arch Linux image, based upon the
official base image, without any additional packages installed.
Unfortunately, the official base image is not very well maintained when it comes to regular updates to improve overall
security. At the time of this writing, it was last updated in April, 2014, which is one year and two months ago.

This image adds the following improvements to this:

  1. Mirrorlist is updated using reflector. The tool is removed
    afterwards to keep the image clean.
  2. It's an automated build, triggered daily to make sure latest updates are always available without any manual
    interaction needed.
  3. A full system update is installed. Orphaned packages are removed (as described in
    System maintenance wiki site, regarding
    Remove orphaned packages).
  4. Pacman database is optimized.
  5. GPG keys are refreshed.
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6 months ago

The error about 'ca-certificates-utils' can be resolved doing:

  • pacman -S --force ca-certificates-utils
    After that, try actuallize again...
6 months ago

After pull and start, i've doing for actualize:

pacman-key --init

pacman-key --populate archlinux

mkdir /root/.gnupg

touch /root/.gnupg/dirmngr_ldapservers.conf

pacman-key --refresh-keys

  • Edit /etc/locale-gen, and add matching locale.


    -Now , can actualize normally.
a year ago

Builds appear to have been failing the last 4 months, due to some gpg key error.

2 years ago

Hi saser,

thank you for your suggestion. But there were also some "unusual" questions lately, about to replace some packages with others and so on. --noconfirm did't work there, so I piped yes.


2 years ago


you can pass the --noconfirm flag to pacman instead of piping yes into your pacman commands. As taken from the pacman manpage:

    Bypass any and all "Are you sure?" messages. It's not a good idea to do this unless you want to run pacman from a script.

Cheers :)