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Development environment for the things system.
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NOTE: Because of X-windows dependencies, this development environment only works on linux, not on OSX or Windows.

To be useful, this image relies on an external directory of the things project that is cloned from GitHub:
cd /path/to/code
git clone

Run it interactively (with appropriate /path/to/code):
docker run --volume /path/to/code/things:/opt/things --tty --interactive --rm --env=DISPLAY --volume=/tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix --name things_development --publish=6984:5984 --publish=9112:8112 derrickoswald/things_dev /bin/bash

From within the container:
sudo /scripts/

In Eclipse, import the things project manually into the workspace:
File-Import-General-Existing Projects into Workspace-Next-Browse-{navigate to /opt/things}-Finish
"Build Project" should push the code as modified to the CouchDB instance.
It asks for the admin password via an ant dialog, enter it (if you set it) and press OK.
Browsing to http://localhost:6984/things/_design/things/_rewrite should show you the code as pushed.

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