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Short Description
Docker Container with Teamspeak 3. Container-Volume for persisting TS3-Data.
Full Description


Ubuntu with TS3 Server.


  • Ubuntu + Teamspeak 3 Server
  • Some files can be injected to host:
    • query_ip_whitelist.txt
    • query_ip_blacklist.txt
    • logs
    • files (Not yet)
    • ts3server.sqlitedb
    • licence (Maybe; Dont have one)
    • ts3server.ini (Not tested)

Update Notice

I made bigger updates to the Dockerfile to simplify and streamline the whole process. Please read the following infos carefully!
The old image used root to run the ts3-server and there all created files had root-permission. The new image uses a dedicated user (ts3) with a default UID of 1000 which can be overridden with an ENV-variable (TS3_UID). So in case you want to use old data you most probably need to chown the old files to the new user/uid.
Also the volumes inside the container have changed, the strcture itself should be the same - so the docker run command will differ slightly from the old version.

Usage v2

I recommend to use the new 'docker volume' command in conjunction with this TS3-Container, but its obviously up to you.

docker volume create (Since docker-engine 1.9 - RECOMMENDED)

docker volume create --name ts3-data
docker run --name=ts3 -p 9987:9987/udp -p 30033:30033 -p 10011:10011 -v ts3-data:/home/ts3/data devalx/docker-teamspeak3:latest

data container

# create the data container
docker run --name=ts3-data --entrypoint /bin/true devalx/docker-teamspeak3:latest
# Now start the actual TS3-Server
docker run --name=ts3 -d --volumes-from ts3-data -p 9987:9987/udp -p 30033:30033 -p 10011:10011 devalx/docker-teamspeak3:latest

The data-container does not need to be running for this to work.

Mounted Host-directory

docker run --name ts3 -d -p 9987:9987/udp -p 30033:30033 -p 10011:10011 -v {FOLDER}:/home/ts3/data devalx/docker-teamspeak3:latest

If you experience permission problems, especially after an upgrade, you can use the TS3_UID-env to set the user for the teamspeak-server process (inside the container). When using an mounted host-directory, the owner of the files will be the UID of this internal user (default is 1000)

docker run --name ts3 -d -p -e TS3_UID=1001 9987:9987/udp -p 30033:30033 -p 10011:10011 -v {FOLDER}:/home/ts3/data devalx/docker-teamspeak3:latest

This would change the internal user to an UID of 1001.


This is still WIP.

Admin Secret

After starting the container you probably want to get the Admin secret with:
sudo docker logs ts3


Just stop and remove the old container, then start again at "Creating container". You may have to pull the image again if its not updating.
CAUTION: Didnt test if all files are really persisted or if the TS3 process overwrites some files. So make sure you have a backup.


If your host uses SELinux it may be necessary to use the :z option:

docker run --name ts3 -d -p 9987:9987/udp -p 30033:30033 -p 10011:10011 -v /data/teamspeak:/home/ts3/data:z devalx/docker-teamspeak3:latest

Also see issue #6

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