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A simple, visual way to keep track of what needs to get done.
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Docker Taskboard

Interface for managing tasks.

Taskboard with docker

Use project :

How to use

docker run -p 80:80 -d devcrea/taskboard

Got to page http://localhost and connect with admin/admin

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10 months ago


Any hints for a regular user on how to backup one instance of taskboard spawned from this image?

I did a :

root@fef603c0be39:/# find / -name *.db

And then copied taskboard.db to the docker-engine host os.

After that I've created a new container out of devcrea/taskboard and docker cp the taskboard.db but I can't login using any credentials for admin.

Do I need to restart any process ?
I've tried :

root@3225a5f14109:/var/www/html# apachectl restart

But this seems to kill the main process and close the container returning to my host BASH prompt.


Daniel. :)