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Elasticsearch 1.5.2 + Kibana 4.0.2
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DevDB Elasticsearch + Kibana

Elasticsearch 1.5.2 + Kibana 4.0.2 in a docker container for a fast throwaway environment.


Use this if you don't care about Elasticsearch data persisting across container destroy/restart/etc.

docker pull devdb/kibana:latest
docker run -d --name kibana -p 5601:5601 -p 9200:9200 devdb/kibana

You can create an index and mappings using:

curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/twitter
curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/twitter/_mapping/tweet -d '{
   "tweet" : {
     "properties": {
         "text": { "type": "string" },
         "user_id": { "type": "string", "index": "not_analyzed" }

Then, you can point your browser to http://localhost:5601 and the Kibana4 dashboard will come up.

Warning: The data in Elasticsearch is lost when the container is destroyed. If you want the data to persist, then use:

docker pull devdb/kibana:latest
docker run -d --name kibana -p 5601:5601 -v /tmp/kibana:/opt/elasticsearch/data devdb/kibana

where /tmp/kibana is where the data files are stored on your host machine.

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