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Couchbase Server Community Edition - Tested in DCOS
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Couchbase Community Edition v4.0.0 Docker Image

This directory shows how to build a custom Couchbase Docker image that:

  • Setups memory for Index and Data
  • Configures the Couchbase server with Index, Data, and Query service
  • Sets up username and password credentials

Build the Image

docker build -t devdipesh/couchbase-ce .

Push image on docker hub

docker push devdipesh/couchbase-ce

Pull container

docker pull devdipesh/couchbase-ce:v4.0.0

Run the Container

docker-compose up -d

Port definition

8091 Couchbase Web console, REST/HTTP interface
8092 Views, queries, XDCR
8093 Query services (4.0+)
9110 Full-text Search (4.5 DP; will be 8094 in 4.5+)
11207 Smart client library data node access (SSL).
11210 Smart client library/moxi data node access.
11211 Legacy non-smart client library data node access.
18091 Couchbase Web console, REST/HTTP interface (SSL).
18092 Views, query, XDCR (SSL).

Deploy Couchbase on DCOS

Use file couchbase-mesos-config.json using marathon GUI to deploy couchbase container on mesos.

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