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Image to decode, cut and convert otrkey files from
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OTR - Online-TV-Recorder Tools

Decode, Cut, Convert otrkey files to h264 für Playstation, iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Android

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Image containing everything to work with otrkey files from
My target is a automatic workflow.


  • Easydekoder
  • multicut_light (customized)
  • ffmpeg
  • avidemux 2.5.6
  • Ubuntu 14.04


Batch - Decode, Cut, Convert to h264, Cleanup

docker run -e "" -e "otrPassword=geheim" -e "cutlistAtUrl=" -v ~/Downloads:/otr develcab/otr
  • You need Docker:
    • email: E-Mail you use to login at
    • password: Password you use to login at
    • cutlistAtUrl: Your personal server-url / "Persönliche Server-URL" from (You need to register there)
    • The folder where your otrkey files are (here: ~/Downloads)
      • All otrkey files in this folder will be processed by the script
      • Also temporary files will be created, and deleted, in this folder
    • (optional) convert=false: Only decode and cut, but don't convert to m4v


You can also use the image directly if you don't want the automatic process.
You only need to specify the folder with your otrkey files (here: ~/Downloads)

docker run -ti -v ~/Downloads:/otr develcab/otr bash

You can use otrdecoder,, avidemux und ffmpeg.
There are also curl and wget.

I wrote some more scripts:

  • - encodes all files in the current folder to h264 .m4v. Encoded files are stored in converted, while the source file will be moved to original
  • - cuts all .avi files in current folder with multicut

Important: If you change a setting in the image, or install new software; these changes won't be saved.
After a restart of the image you start with a clean system.
If you want to change something you should build your own image, using this a base one or forking it.


  • Runs on (bigger) NAS drives (Synology, Qnap, ...)


Fork it:
Or just download and make your own image locally:

  • .multicut_light.rc - Preferences for the cutting script. E.g., if you want to be asked for the name of
    the cutted movie, you can override my settings for avidemux and you get the original behavior with adding the line


    • That's the script used in automatic mode
    • The first function contains the settings for ffmpeg
    • In the bottom you can find the blocks of execution
    • For example you can delete some lines after # cleanup to keep intermediate files
  • Dockerfile
    • The Dockerfile contains the installation of the whole otr system
    • Here you could change the cutting script or install further tools

HowTo build the project

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository