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MQTT kafka bridge based on alpine
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MQTT to Kafka bridge under Alpine

Vowstar Co.,Ltd.

mqtt-kafka-bridge docker image is mqtt broker to kafka queue message bridge.


Execute some command under this docker image

docker run --rm -ti -v `pwd`:$(somewhere) devicexx/$(image) $(somecommand)

USE mqtt-kafka-bridge

Get mqtt-kafka-bridge

docker pull devicexx/mqtt-kafka-bridge

Get specific version

docker pull devicexx/ntpd:latest

Tag available

  • latest

Run mqtt-kafka-bridge

docker run --rm -ti --name mqtt-kafka-bridge devicexx/mqtt-kafka-bridge [options...]

Where options are:

--help (-h)               : Show help
--id VAL                  : MQTT Client ID
--topics VAL              : MQTT topic filters (comma-separated)
--uri VAL                 : MQTT Server URI
--brokerlist (-b) VAL     : Kafka Broker List (comma-separated)

If you don't specify any command-line options, it uses the following defaults:

id:      mqttKafkaBridge
topics:  '#' (all topics)
uri:     tcp://localhost:1883
b:       localhost:9092

Note: you can't run more than one bridge using the default settings, since two clients cannot connect to the same MQTT server with the same client ID. Additionally, you will get multiple messages published to Kafka for each message published to MQTT. If you wish to run multiple instances, you'll need to divide up the topics among the instances, and make sure to give them different IDs.

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