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nginx http router for docker cluster based on consul
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nginx http router for docker cluster based on consul

what is that

Docker image with nginx and tornado app, that has an opinion on how to route traffic to docker containers
registered in consul.


docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 433:433 --env-file .env --name vergilius devopsftw/vergilius

Example .env file:


how routing works

Consul service config example

  "service": {
    "name": "my-http-service",
    "tags": [
    "port": 8080

Vergilius looks for registered services with tags http and http2 creates upstream with all containers of this service,
routes requests from (www.)? and *.(www.)? to containers using nginx
least_conn balancing algorithm.

You can also add tcp and udp tags to service, vergilus will stream this protocols too.
External ports for this services are stored in consul KV at vergilius/ports/%service_name%.
You can configure external ports range with PROXY_PORTS env, for ex.: 5000-6000.
It's strongly recommended to use vergilius in net=host mode or disable userland-proxy,
because docker will create as much userland proxies as PROXY_PORTS you have.

how http2 works

To use http2 proxy, use http2 tag instead of http or use both. Vergilius will try to acquire certificate from
plugin or create self signed certificate.


Vergilius has an identity. To move vergilius seamlessly, copy vergilius/identity consul kv folder to your
new cluster. If no identity found on start - it will be created for you.

  • Consul key: vergilius/identity/private_key — private dsa3 encrypted RSA key with password specified in env SECRET,
    used for certificates signing.
  • Environment variable: SECRET - used for any encryption in vergilius

service configuration

Additional tags:

  • allow_crossdomain — allow all crossdomain xhr communication for service.


See our organisation's repos for official plugins

There are letsencrypt/acme and
doorman (oauth proxy) integrations will be available soon.

custom configs

To add custom nginx configs simply mount your configs folder to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled


  • readthedocs, sphinx
  • docker events + labels, Apache Zookeeper, etcd, eureka, etc. support?

For any ideas or issues please don't hesitate to submit an issue on

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