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Ready to use Teamcity Server on debian:jessie, with mysql library.
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Teamcity Server docker images

Docker images for running teamcity server and agents. Teamcity is an awesome continuous integration server from JetBrains.

After creating a server, you will need agents. You can use Teamcity Agent Docker Image to create one.

Teamcity Server


To run it:

docker run -d -p 8111:8111 --name teamcity-server -v /your/path:/data/teamcity devsu/teamcity-server:latest

Now you can use your browser and access the installation page.

Before running you can change the port as needed, or use nginx-proxy to map to a hostname.

You can also change the tag latest to match an specific version of teamcity. You can find the available versions as tags in Docker Hub.

You can also clone this repo, change the docker file and build the image yourself.

docker built -t your-username/teamcity-server .

Mysql Driver

Mysql driver is included, but it's not loaded until:

  • You click on "Proceed" on the installation screen, so the folders are created.
  • You restart the container so the symlink to the driver is re-created. docker restart teamcity-server
  • You click on "Refresh JDBC drivers" button on the installation screen.

Under the hood

We add:

  • Utilities: tar, software-properties-common
  • Mysql driver (to allow teamcity to connect to a mysql database)
  • Teamcity Server (obviously)


GNU GPLv3 © 2016, Devsu LLC

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