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An image preconfigured to send mail from Amazon AWS, just add keys.
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Postfix server configured to send mail to amazon. Just add keys.


Create the curent docker host as a mail relay host

 docker run -d --name mail -p 25:25 -e ID=myid -e KEY=mykey deweysasser/awsmail

Setup a relay container for an e.g. jenkins container to use

 docker run -d --name mail -e ID=myid -e KEY=mykey deweysasser/awsmail
 docker run -d --link mail:mail -p 8080:8080 jenkins


The following environment variables are used at runtime to configure postfix.

  • ID -- AWS SES ID
  • FROM -- (optional) rewrite email as from this email address if there
    is no FROM address. Note that the default address of
    "" will be rejected by SES in development mode.
  • NETWORKS -- (optional) networks for which to relay mail. Defaults to
    all RFC 1918 non-routable networks.
  • HOSTNAME -- (recommended, optional) host name to use for this POSTFIX
    server. Defaults to the docker hostname. Note that if this
    is not a valid domain, Amazon will bounce the email.
  • SES_ENDPOINT -- (defaults to endpoing for us-east-1) Name of Amazon
       SES enpoint


AWS is picky about mail it receives.

  • It requires that the sending hostname be valid (RFC1123 2.1)

The following must all be verified addresses (or SES must be in production mode):

  • The envelope "FROM" address
  • The envelope "TO" address
  • The in-text email addresses
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