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Docker Exec Image: Perl6

A Dockerfile describing an container capable of executing Perl 6 source files.


git clone
docker build -t dexec/perl6 .


In a directory containing a script e.g. foo.p6, run:

docker run -t --rm \
    -v $(pwd -P)/foo.p6:/tmp/dexec/build/foo.p6 \
    dexec/perl6 foo.p6

Passing arguments to the script

Arguments can be passed to the script using any of the following forms:

-a argument
--arg argument

Each argument passed must be prefixed in this way, e.g.

docker run -t --rm \
    -v $(pwd -P)/foo.p6:/tmp/dexec/build/foo.p6 \
    dexec/perl6 foo.p6 \
    --arg='hello world' \
    --arg=foo \
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