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WSO2 Business Rules Server (BRS)
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This image contains a ready-to-run default installation of the WSO2 Business Rules Server (BRS) 2.1.0 with Oracle JRE 1.7 based on CentOS.

Both, JRE 1.7 and BRS 2.1.0, are installed in /opt and the BRS settings are left unchanged. You can run the image via ...

docker run -d -t -i -p 9443:9443 --name brs dfch/wso2brs-2.1.0

... and attach to it later via:

docker attach brs

You can later detach from the console via:


So you can reach the management page at https://localhost:9443 via the well-known credentials admin:admin.

Shutting down the BRS via the carbon management page will also stop the container. Performing a restart of the service will not stop the container.

For more information see Creating a docker image for WSO2 Complex Event Processor.

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