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The Monad Presentation project

This is a presentation in swedish about monads. It uses a Yesod
back-end that lets the user evaluate code examples directly in the


The repository is packaged as a Docker image. Install Docker and run:

docker run -p 3000:3000 dflemstr/monad-presentation

The web application will be reachable at


Because I'm lazy, I modified some packages directly to make cloudeval
work. These packages are in deps/ and are ruthlessly hacked. Some
day I might make actual patches out of the changes I did, but for now,
do this to install cloudeval:

  1. Install vector- (from the source in
    vector- OR compute the patch between
    vector- and vector- and apply that patch to the
    latest vector version. If you don't know how to compile the
    package, extract it and run "cabal install" in the directory.

  2. Install hint- (same situation as above)

  3. Install cloudeval itself with a simple "cabal install"

  4. Install MonadRandom- (also a hacked package)

The vector and MonadRandom changes do just tag some modules in the
package as trustworthy, so I can use the packages in the

The changes to hint are actually necessary for cloudeval to work,


Simply run "cloudeval 3000" (or "dist/build/cloudeval 3000" if you
didn't install the package) in the source repository. "3000"
specifies which port to use. You can access the web page at
http://localhost:3000 (or whatever).

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