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A dockerfile with a standalone Sonar Qube 4.5

Following plugins will be available as well:

  • sonar-build-stability-plugin-1.2.1.jar
  • sonar-checkstyle-plugin-2.1.1.jar
  • sonar-cobertura-plugin-1.6.3.jar
  • sonar-findbugs-plugin-3.0.jar
  • sonar-generic-coverage-plugin-1.1.jar
  • sonar-jira-plugin-1.2.jar
  • sonar-jmeter-plugin-0.2.jar
  • sonar-pmd-plugin-2.2.jar
  • sonar-sonargraph-plugin-3.3.jar

In order to run it:

    docker run -d --name mysonar-data -v /sonarqube-data busybox:ubuntu-14.04 true
docker run -d --name mysonar -p 3435:9000 --volumes-from mysonar-data dfranssen/docker-sonar
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