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Run a Xpert.Ivy server, listening on port 8081.
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Create a docker image to run a Xpert.Ivy server (


To build the docker image, execute the following command in the root folder:

docker build -t dgauch/xpertivy-server .

But usually you will not create the image yourself as it will automatically generated and made available at .

Usage of the docker image

To run the Xpert.Ivy server in demo mode, just fire this command:

docker run -it --rm -p 8081:8081 dgauch/xpertivy-server

This will run the container showing the console and finally remove the container (--rm) after you stop it with Ctrl-c. After startup finished, access the server page at http://{dockerhost}:8081/ivy. On a Linux host, that's usually Under Mac OS, you usually end up with

If you want to run the service in non-demo mode, you have to provide a database for the Xpert.Ivy system database, as well as a valid license. To run a suitable postgres container, you may execute:

docker run -d -e LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 --name xpertivy-server-db postgres

The default environment is already configured to be used with a postgres database. If you want to use a different database, please configure these environment variables correctly, e.g. by using the -e switch:

-e XPERTIVY_SERVER_DB_URL=jdbc:postgresql://

Start the Xpert.Ivy server container then with a command similar to this (please use the correct path to the license file):

docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --link xpertivy-server-db:db -v /directory/with/lic:/data --name xpertivy-server dgauch/xpertivy-server

After startup, the server is then available under the same links as above. Consider folder sharing as explained in when you're using boot2docker:

docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --link xpertivy-server-db:db --volumes-from my-data --name xpertivy-server dgauch/xpertivy-server

To access the server administration application, use username XpertIvy with password XpertIvy as in demo mode.

Have fun!

Known Limitations

  • Even though you may select "JsfWorkflowUi" to be installed when creating a new application, it will not work, as the corresponding project is missing in the official Xpert.Ivy server package.
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