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OpenArena server - docker image for Kubernetes

This is a docker image with an OpenArena server. This image utilizing OpenArena 0.8.8's features.
A fork of that works with AzureGameServersScalingKubernetes project by extending it with:

  • ability to set server name via env variable ($SERVER_NAME)
  • stores connected users count to /tmp/connected


  • posts updates about connected users count to Azure Function (url is $SET_SESSIONS_URL, set during container creation from the AzureContainerInstancesManagement project).

To run locally, type:

docker build -t dgkanatsios/docker_openarena_k8s .

Docker Hub link:

Environment variables

There are 3 variables that can be set:

  • OA_STARTMAP - The the first map that the server loads (default dm4ish)
  • OA_PORT - The port that the game listens on
  • OA_ROTATE_LOGS - Should the log be rotated? (default 1 = true)

Log rotation

If the environment OA_ROTATE_LOGS is set to "1" (witch is the default value) then "games.log" will be rotated up to once a day if the size exceeds ~50 MB. The logs will only be rotated on startup/restart. Old logs will be stored in the format "games.log.YYYY-MM-DD.gz" (this is the reason that we can only store once a day).

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