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Hetionet v1.0 in Neo4j
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This docker image contains Hetionet — a biomedical network with 11 node types and 24 relationship types — as a Neo4j database. The source of the docker is available on the Hetionet GitHub. Neo4j has been configured to be publicly accessible, and we host a dhimmel/hetionet container at

The image is currently highly specialized for our application and setup. For example, it includes a website-specific web analytics javascript. You can learn more our customizations here. If you are simply looking to run a local Neo4j instance with Hetionet, you may find it easier to start with the database store only rather than this Docker.

Hetionet was created as part of Project Rephetio, which aimed to predict new uses for existing drugs. You can learn about this project on Thinklab. This docker includes Neo4j Browser guides that detail each Project Rephetio prediction.

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