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Platform for building and running Karaf4 based applications
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An image that can be used with Openshift's Source To Image in order to build Karaf4 based maven projects.


sti build <git repo url> dhirajsb/karaf4-sti <target image name>
docker run <target image name>

Configuring the karaf4 assembly

The location of the karaf4 assembly built by the maven project can be provided in multiple ways.

  • Inside the pom.xml using the docker.env.KARAF4_ASSEMBLY property.
  • By using the -e flag in sti command (e.g. sti build -e "KARAF4_ASSEMBLY=my-artifactId-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz" ....).
  • By setting KARAF4_ASSEMBLY property in .sti/environment under the projects source.

Customizing the build

It may be possible that the maven build needs to be customized. For example:

  • To invoke custom goals.
  • To skip tests.
  • To provide custom configuration to the build.
  • To build specific modules inside a multimodule project.
  • To add debug level logging to the Maven build.

The MAVEN_ARGS environment variable can be set to change the behaviour. By
default MAVEN_ARGS is set to:

install karaf:assembly karaf:archive -DskipTests -e -X

The -X at the end uses maven debug mode to extract the value of docker.env.KARAF4_ASSEMBLY property.

You can override the MAVEN_ARGS like in the example below we tell maven to just build the project with groupId "some.groupId" and artifactId "some.artifactId" and all its module dependencies.

sti build -e "MAVEN_ARGS=install -pl some.groupId:some.artifactId -am -X" <git repo url> dhirajsb/karaf4-sti <target image name>

You can also just override the MAVEN_DEBUG_ARGS environment variable with:


Working with multimodule projects

The example above is pretty handy for multimodule projects. Another useful option is the OUTPUT_DIR environment variable. This variable defines where in the source tree the output will be generated.
By default the image assumes ./target. If its another directory we need to specify the option.

A more complete version of the previous example would then be:

sti build -e "OUTPUT_DIR=path/to/module/target,MAVEN_ARGS=install -pl some.groupId:some.artifactId -am -X" <git repo url> dhirajsb/karaf4-sti <target image name>

Real world examples:

sti build git:// dhirajsb/karaf4-sti dhirajsb/camel-hello-world --loglevel=5
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