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Short Description
Provides a dedicated linux server for Factorio that runs in a Docker container.
Full Description

Factorio server that runs inside a Docker container

Updated up to version 0.12.35.

NOTE: In order to run the server, you need to supply it with a valid world save file (as .zip).
Simply places this in the /factorio/saves folder and set FACTORIO_WORLD_NAME to match the filename (don't include the ".zip" part).

How to run the server

  1. Set the environment variables you wish to modify from below
  2. Mount /factorio/saves on the host and place a save file there (ie. "")
  3. Enjoy!

The following environment variables are available:

FACTORIO_WORLD_NAME (DEFAULT: "docker" - Name of the save zip file)
FACTORIO_AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL (DEFAULT: "1" - Autosave interval in minutes)
FACTORIO_LATENCY_MS (DEFAULT: "250" - Latency in milliseconds)
FACTORIO_NO_AUTO_PAUSE (DEFAULT: "0" - Set to 1 to keep the game running when no players are connected)
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