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Short Description
Provides a dedicated linux server for Hurtworld that runs in a Docker container.
Full Description

Hurtworld server that runs inside a Docker container

NOTE: This image will always install/update to the latest steamcmd and Hurtworld server, all you have to do to update your server is to redeploy the container.

Also note that the entire /steamcmd/hurtworld can be mounted on the host system.

How to run the server

  1. Set the HURTWORLD_SERVER_STARTUP_ARGUMENTS environment variable to match your preferred server arguments (defaults are set to "-batchmode -nographics -logfile /dev/stdout", note how we're logging to stdout)
  2. Also set the HURTWORLD_SERVER_STARTUP_EXEC environment variable to match your preferred arguments (defaults are set to "host 12871;queryport 12881;servername Hurtworld [DOCKER];maxplayers 16")
  3. Optionally mount /steamcmd/hurtworld somewhere on the host or inside another container to keep your data safe
  4. Run the container and enjoy!
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