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Minecraft Server for Docker.
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Minecraft Server for Docker

Latest supported/tested version: 1.12.2 (automatic updates is a planned feature)

DISCLAIMER: By default, this image automatically agrees to the Minecraft Server EULA, so by running this you are agreeing to it.

How to run the server

  1. Modify the environment variables to specify memory usage etc.
  2. Mount /app on the host
  3. Start and stop the server, then modify /app/ and start it again

The following environment variables are available:

MINECRAFT_SERVER_MEMORY_MIN   (DEFAULT: "1G" - Sets the minimum amount of memory to be used)
MINECRAFT_SERVER_MEMORY_MAX   (DEFAULT: "1G" - Sets the maximum amount of memory to be used)
MINECRAFT_SERVER_AGREE_EULA   (DEFAULT: "true" - Automatically agrees to the EULA)
MINECRAFT_SERVER_ARGUMENTS    (DEFAULT: "nogui" - Sets the startup parameters for Minecraft Server)
MINECRAFT_SERVER_CUSTOM_JAR   (DEFAULT: <none> - Sets a custom .jar file to run, useful for Forge etc.)

If you need help, have questions or bug submissions, feel free to contact me @Dids on Twitter or post an issue here on GitHub.

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