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Fastest way to bootstrap a new ruby gem.


$ gem install gemstrap

Alternatively use our Docker image dieb/gemstrap:

$ docker pull dieb/gemstrap


$  gemstrap -h
Usage: gemstrap [options]
    -h, --help                       Display this message
    -V, --version                    Display version
    -n, --name GEM_NAME              Gem name
    -d, --description GEM_DESC       Gem description
    -a, --authors AUTHORS            CSV list of authors names (e.g. John Dorian, Christopher Turk)
    -m, --emails AUTHORS_EMAILS      CSV list of corresponding authors emails (e.g.,
    -s, --summary SUMMARY            Gem summary. If not supplied takes description value.
    -g, --github_user GITHUB_USER    Github user. If not blank, homepage will be set to GITHUB_USER/GEM_NAME
    -H, --homepage HOMEPAGE          Homepage URL. Takes priority over the github_user parameter.
    -i, --interactive                Interactive mode. Prompt for user the parameters for gem generate.

Or if you prefer through Docker:

$ docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/build dieb/gemstrap
gemstrap: starting interactive mode
gemstrap: please type in the required fields:
  gem name: my_gem

Please note we bind the current folder to /build, which is where gemstrap spits out the new gem.

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