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Image to run Symfony 2 & 3 Projects from a default configuration. Based on official PHP-apache
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supported tags

latest: latest php (as of now php 7.1)

php-7.1: php 7.0 branch, most recent version of PHP 7.1

php-7.0: php 7.0 branch, most recent version of PHP 7.0

php-5.6: same image but with php-5.6

Image to run some symfony projects with a default configuration. Base is the official PHP image with apache webserver.
The image can be configured to have mail-delivery (postfix/sendmail wrapper) and cron activated as this is used in most of our projects. But there is no need to have these services enabled - it can be configured to save some server ressources.


  • default configuration for symfony 2/3 projects just ready to use
  • PHP Acceleration via opcache
  • composer installed in /usr/bin/composer
  • GIT-Client for use with composer
  • ZIP/UNZIP for use with composer
  • MYSQL and PDO enabled
  • MYSQL Client packages installed
  • Symfony 2.0 Projects may need an update (PDO serialize/deserialize issues with newer PHP Version) (correct: this issue is doctrine related, not symfony)

This image is used in our hosting projects, so it is actively maintained but as of now it is NOT in a stable state as it is required for any production use.

Webserver is configured to have a Symfony 2/3 file and directory structure in the default hosting. Rewriting is configured to use app.php
There is a postfix mta integrated for use with php mail() - configuration see config-variables



-v [your-wwwroot]:/var/www/html/

override default hosting config

-v [your-vhost-conf]:/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf:ro

override php.ini

-v [your-php.ini]:/usr/local/etc/php/php.ini:ro

override general apache config

-v [your-apache2.conf]:/etc/apache2/apache2.conf:ro

override log directory

-v [your-log-dir]:/var/log/httpd/


-v [your-cron-dir]:/var/spool/cron

for use with reverse proxies (such as nginx)

-v [your-rpaf.conf]:/etc/apache2/mods-available/rpaf.conf
For documentation see


postfix relay host for sending emails

enable email service

-e START_MAILDELIVERY=TRUE enables postfix service at startup

enable cron service

-e START_CRON=TRUE enables cron service at startup (if you need some crons in your project)
see also crontabs in config-options

e-mail relaying

-e RELAY_HOST=<relay>
the relay host needs to have your ip in trusted

e-mail masquerading

-e MASQ_DOMAINS=<masq domains>


  • Variable for debug mode
  • php timezone configuration as variable
  • Variable or -v for Session - directory for HA use
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