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HTTP-based microservice for taking screenshots of sites using Selenium.
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This is a simple webservice for taking screenshots of sites using a real browser using Selenium. It's meant to be a building block for setting up your own visual regression testing. Features:

  • Automatically restarts the browser when necessary for basic error recovery.
  • Takes screenshots by hiding scrollbars, scaling images consistently using nearest neighbor, and taking into account browser chrome/UI dimensions.
  • Attempts to resize the browser window height to fit the webpage.

Currently it's provided as a Docker image that depends on the Selenium Docker image, but in the future we'd like to extract some of the browser control logic into a node package so it can more easily be incorporated in existing JavaScript-based test suites.

Getting started

Using Docker Compose

This requires Docker Compose 1.6.0+ and Docker 1.10.0+.

Use the example docker-compose.yml as a starting point, or clone this repo:

git clone
cd camera/
docker-compose up

Using straight Docker

docker run -d --name selenium --expose 4444 selenium/standalone-chrome:3.0.1-aluminum
docker run -d --name camera --link selenium -e SELENIUM_BROWSER=chrome -e SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL=http://selenium:4444/wd/hub -p 3000:3000 digdep/camera

Taking a screenshot

The webservice has one endpoint (the width parameter defaults to 1280):

GET /capture?url=&width=
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: image/png


Example: http://localhost:3000/capture?url=

(Replace localhost with your Docker host if necessary. If using Docker Machine on OS X, use $ docker-machine url to find that out.)

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