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etcd presence container

An opinionated Docker image which contains a simple program which checks if the specified container is running and register its exposed ports to a running etcd local instance.

It is a Go implementation of the original Python one, written by Mike Wagg.


An opinionated Docker image which contains a simple program which checks if a container is running and in that case it registers the mapped ports to a local etcd instance.

The local etcd instance must run into a docker container, which must expose the etcd client default port 4001 in all the network interfaces, IP, therefore it is accessible under the IP (default docker daemon IP).

The requirement of etcd is because the register program included in this repository, whose source code is in the root, gets the specified Docker container, whose name is passed as a command line argument, checks if it is running and in that case, registers the exposed ports into etcd instance the following keys with a 60 seconds of ttl (time to live):

  • Create the directory /containers/{container_name}/ if it doesn't exist, where {container_name} is the specified container's name
  • For each port register the following keys into the created directory:

    • /containers/{container_name}/{port}/host and whose value is the IP of the interface where the port is exposed with a fallback to the default docker daemon IP ( when it is
    • /containers/{container_name}/{port}/port and whose value is the port exposed by docker to the host machine

      NOTE: that {port} is the port exposed by the container.

register muse be run with the command line parameter --container {container_anme} where {container_name} is the container's name to monitor; it will check every 30 seconds the specified container and if it is still running, updates the keys so the keys get again the 60 seconds of ttl, otherwise it doesn't do anything and the keys will be deleted automatically by etcd when the ttl expires.

When register is stopped by sending SIGTERM signal, it unregisters the container, removing the mentioned keys and directory from etcd.

How to use

Run a container which monitors the named container my_container

docker run -rm -v /run/docker.sock:/run/docker.sock digit/etcd-container-presence --container my_container

We use the following docker's run parameters

--rm to remove the container when it stops. No reason for it to stick around
-v to map the Docker socket into the container so it can query the Docker API

When the container be stopped, the directory and keys registered in etcd as register program does.


Just MIT, Copyright (c) 2014 DreamItGetIT, read LICENSE file for more information.

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