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my version of Tonido inside of docker
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The Dockerfile can be found here.

Based of Debian:Jessie, the image pulls the latest Tonido archive and unpacks it and pulls libjpeg8 from a backport and installs that as well.

The dockerfile gives you the option of setting a root password so you'll need to build it yourself to do that.

Suggested use:

docker run --name tonido-data -d -p 10001:10001 -v /path-on-host/tonido:/home/tonido -it digitalapotheosis/tonido:latest

To create a data container and then

docker run --rm --volumes-from tonido-data -p 20002:10001 -v /path-on-host/tonido:/home/tonido -it -d digitalapotheosis/tonido:latest

To run it.

As you can see I suggest sharing a host volume.

I wrote a more detailed blog post which can be found here.

Docker Pull Command