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Docker image for running jekyll on Github Pages using bundler.
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Dockerfile for gh-pages that uses bundler

Building This Image

From this repository directory:

 docker build -t digitaldrummerj/gh-pages .

Using Docker Image

Create a Dockerfile in your Jekyll site directory that contains your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock.

 From digitaldrummerj/gh-pages:onbuild

To build image for your Jekyll blog. Replace [Image Name] with your image name:

 docker build -t [Image Name] .

To run your Jekyll site from your Jekyll site directory. Replace [Image Name] with your image name:

 docker run --name blog -t -i -p 4000:4000 -v $PWD:/src [Image Name]

Then launch your browser and navigate to http://[Docker Machine Ip]:4000/.

To find the docker machine ip run:

 echo $(docker-machine ip `docker-machine active`)     

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Docker Pull Command