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Nodebb forum.
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This docker image provide a nodebb forum, with silent install and smtp relay enabled with ssmtp.

How to use :

With docker-compose (full stack with mongodb) :

Edit nodebb.env and specify your environnement (empty fields are optional). If you change the port of nodebb, edit docker-compose.yml too.
Run with :

sudo docker-compose up

With docker run :

If you already have a mongo db instance running, edit nodebb.env and run with :

sudo docker run --env-file=./nodebb.env -ti digitallumberjack/docker-nodebb:latest

Environment variables :

  • NODEBB_URL= (the front url for nodebb)
  • NODEBB_PORT=4567 (the port to bind)
  • NODEBB_SECRET=ubersecretkey (the secret for password, should be the same on different containers for the same nodebb instance)
  • NODEBB_PLUGINLIST=nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads-updated@0.3.10 (the list of plugins to install at startup, separated by a space, optional)
  • NODEBB_WEBSOCKETONLY= (true or false)
  • NODEBB_AUTO_UPGRADE= (true or false)
  • MONGO_HOST=mongo (ip or hostname of mongo master, separated by "," for replica)
  • MONGO_PORT=27017 (port of mongo master, separated by "," for replica)
  • MONGO_USERNAME= (optional)
  • MONGO_PASSWORD= (optional)
  • MONGO_DATABASE= (optional)
  • ADMIN_USERNAME=admin (nodebb administrator username for login)
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD=adminsupersecure (nodebb administrator password for login)
  • (domain for smtp configuration)
  • (sender email for notifications)
  • (smtp host)
  • SSMTP_PORT=587 (smtp port)
  • SSMTP_PASSWORD=ubersupasecure (smtp password)
  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID= (amazon S3 access key id, optional)
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY= (amazon S3 secret access key, optional)
  • S3_UPLOADS_BUCKET= (amazon S3 bucket name, optional)
  • S3_UPLOADS_HOST= (amazon S3 bucket url, e.g. :
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