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rancher traefik load balancer
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This image is the traefik dynamic conf for rancher. It comes from rawmind/rancher-tools.


docker build -t rawmind/rancher-traefik:<version> .



This image has to be run as a sidekick of rawmind/alpine-traefik, and makes available /opt/tools volume. It scans from rancher-metadata, for a services that has traefik labels, and generates traefik frontend and backends to expose the services.

Configuration labels

Traefik labels, has to be created in your service, in order to get included in traefik dynamic config.

  • traefik.enable = < true | stack | false > #Controls if you want to publish or not the service
    • true: the service will be published as service_name.stack_name.traefik_domain
    • stack: the service will be published as stack_name.domain. WARNING: You can have collisions inside services within your stack
    • false: the service will not be published
    • traefik.domain = Domain names to route rules. Multiple domains separated by ","
    • traefik.port = port to expose throught traefik
    • traefik.separator = separator between service name and stack name, can be useful for wildcard certificates
    • traefik.subdomain = the service will be published as subdomain.traefik_domain

WARNING: Only services with healthy state are added to traefik, so health checks are mandatory.

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