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Jboss Image to Start SwiftKanban Application Server
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SwiftKanban Application Server

How to Use this Image?

Refer this document for setup of SwiftKanban Application 4.8 and above version

Start SwiftKanban Application Server

Extract the provided into a directory on your local machine.

Run the following commands to start the Swiftkanban Application server.

Goto SwiftKanban directory


Where $SWIFTKANBAN_DIR is the path to the SwiftKanban directory where and files are stored.

Make the bash file executable

$ chmod 755

Set the values in file and run the bash file to start the SwiftKanban Application server.

$ ./

Run the below command to restart docker

    docker restart skappserver

In Case of Application upgrade from older version to new version

Follow the Steps given below to upgrade the Application Server:

  1. Run the below command to shutdown SwiftKanban Application Server for the upgrade.

     docker stop skappserver
  2. Take Database backup

  3. Execute the provided queries.sql on to swiftkanban database

  4. Delete tmp directory if you have mounted server tmp directory on your host machine.

  5. Run the following command to start application server with new docker Image

     sudo docker run -p $APP_SERVER_PORT:8080 --name skappserver --env SK_MIN_MEMORY="2048" --env SK_MAX_MEMORY="2048" --env APP_SERVER_PORT="$APP_SERVER_PORT" --env SK_DB_SERVER_PORT="$DB_SERVER_PORT" --env SK_DB_SERVER_IP="$DB_SERVER_IP" --env SK_DB_USERNAME="$MYSQL_USER" --env SK_DB_SERVER_PASSWORD="$DB_PASSWORD" --env SK_DB_SCHEMA_NAME="$MYSQL_DATABASE" --env SK_APP_MACH_IP="$APP_MACHINE_IP" -v $APP_SERVER_DATA/properties:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/swiftkanban/conf/properties -v $APP_SERVER_DATA/data:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/swiftkanban/data -v $APP_SERVER_DATA/work:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/swiftkanban/work -v $APP_SERVER_DATA/tmp:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/swiftkanban/tmp -v $APP_SERVER_DATA/log:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/swiftkanban/log -d digite/skappserver:$NEW_APP_VERSION

    ....where SK_MIN_MEMORY and SK_MAX_MEMORY are minimum and maximum memory in MB that is to be allocated to SK app server.Default is set to 2048 , you can change it as per your requirement,
    $DB_SERVER_PORT is the port on which DB server is running,
    $APP_SERVER_PORT is the application server port on which application will run,
    $DB_SERVER_IP is the Machine IP/hostname on which database server is running,
    $MYSQL_USER is the username of mysql user which will be used for connecting mysql through application,
    $DB_PASSWORD mysql user's password to connect to mysql database,
    $MYSQL_DATABASE is the swifkanban database schema name,
    $APP_SERVER_DATA is the path to store application server data i.e tmp,work,log and data directory of swiftkanban server. Also make sure that your properties directory exist in this directory,
    $NEW_APP_VERSION is the new swiftkanban application version.

  6. Browse the URL: http://SERVERNAME:PORT/admin/adminPage.action
    Note: Replace SERVERNAME with your Application server hostname or URL and PORT with the TCP port on which your server is running.e.g. http://kanban:8080/admin/adminPage.action

  7. Login using SAAS admin account details.

    Default SAAS admin ID: sysadmin
    Default SAAS admin Password: **

  8. Click on Check Upgrade button and then Process Upgrade button.

  9. Wait till Upgrade Process completed successfully.

  10. Execute the following query in MySQL client

    select * from current_schema_version;
  • It will show the output with
        Platform_schema_version = Gandiva $SK_APP_NEW_VERSION
        Product_schema_version = Swift Kanban $SK_APP_NEW_VERSION
        Upgrade_Status = Success

11 . If something went wrong contact SwiftKanban Support.

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