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Reconnaissance container compromising several recon tools.
Full Description

Network Build

Primary purpose for this container is to work with the Docky Security Suite created for a capstone project in school, but could have a large scope if needed. This container for reconnaissance tools. Includes the following tool(s):

  • Bingip2host
  • Goofile
  • Harvester
  • Nmap
  • ntop
  • Reconng framework

Have a request for a tool you'd like to see? Please email or comment below.


FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y git curl wget nmap dnsutils unzip python-pip subversion python-dnspython python-mechanize python-slowaes python-xlsxwriter python-jsonrpclib python-lxml
RUN pip install requests
RUN pip install dicttoxml
RUN wget
RUN wget
RUN tar -xzvf bing-ip2hosts-0.4.tar.gz
RUN mv /bing-ip2hosts-0.4/bing-ip2hosts /usr/bin
RUN unzip
RUN mv /goofilev1.5/ /usr/bin
RUN svn checkout
RUN chmod u+x /theHarvester/trunk/
RUN ln -s /theHarvester/trunk/ /usr/sbin/theHarvester
RUN mkdir arsenal
RUN cd arsenal
RUN git clone
RUN cd recon-ng
RUN pip install dicttoxml --upgrade
RUN git pull origin master
RUN apt-get install -y ntop
LABEL version="1.0"
LABEL name="Reconnaissance"
LABEL description="Container for network tools. Includes tool(s): Bingip2host, Goofile, Harvester, Nmap, ntop, Reconng"
LABEL purpose="Part of the Docky Security Operations suite."
LABEL project="Created during IT4750 at UVU"
LABEL owner="Dillon Torgersen"
LABEL maintainer=""

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