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Short Description
Fully working community version of Mule ESB
Full Description

The Image contains the fully working community version of Mule ESB

  1. ubuntu:16.04
  2. python 2.7
  3. ffmpeg video & image processing tools
  4. pip
  5. AWS CLI tool
  6. bcs3 tool:
  7. Oracle Java 8
  8. Encryption JCE
  9. mysql client
  10. Mule Community version 3.7+essential library for hibernate+JPA+Spring
  11. Exposing port 9081, which is expected that the Mule application is bound to

How to use

docker start mysql

docker pull dilshat/bmule

and then:

docker rm -f mule
docker run -d -p 9081:9081 --name mule --link mysql:mysql \
-v $WORKINGDIR/apps:/opt/mule/apps \
-v $WORKINGDIR/app-config:/opt/mule/app-config \
-v $WORKINGDIR/logs:/opt/mule/logs \


After that, the Mule Application zip file can be deployed to the folder $WORKINGDIR/apps.
9081 is the http port that your application is supposed to bound to to received http requests.

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