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Short Description
Container of Protractor running on SauceLabs.
Full Description

Protractor running on SauceLabs

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This image contains a fully configured environment to run tests using Protractor and SauceLabs.

Docker Image

Minimum requirement

Docker: Having installed the Docker.<br />
Pull Docker Image: Link to the container Image<br /><br />

Or run the command to pull the container in your environment with Docker Installed/Running:<br />
docker pull diogocosta/protractor-saucelabs

Software Installed on the container

Node.js: The runtime platform for running JavaScript on the server side, including protractor tests;<br />
NPM: Node.js package manager used to install protractor and any node.js modules specific tests may need;<br />
Java SE 8: Needed for Selenium;<br />
Protractor: A test framework end-to-end for web applications;<br />


To use the image should be added to the 'conf.js' the following variables sauceUser and sauceKey:<br />
Ex.:<br />
var userSauce = process.argv[3].substr(2);<br />
var keySauce = process.argv[4].substr(2);<br />
exports.config = {<br />
sauceUser: userSauce,<br />
sauceKey: keySauce,<br />
//To be continued ...
<br />
<br />
And the file conf.js have to be in the structure below:<br />
-src<br />
--e2e<br />
---conf.js<br />

Running Image

In order to run tests on a CI system, run the following command:<br />
docker run --rm -v <location test project>:/automated diogocosta/protractor-saucelabs --sauceUser --sauceKey

Docker Pull Command
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