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DIRAC Interware client
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The DIRAC Interware is a framework to build distributed computing systems. DIRAC services are provided by multiple grid infrastructures. The DIRAC Client is needed in order to access DIRAC services from a user computer.

This repository contains images for the basic DIRAC client and also images configured to work with particular DIRAC infrastructures.

Examples of usage:

Run a basic DIRAC client shell with the configuration provided in dirac.cfg file in the host computer:

docker run -it -v $HOME:$HOME -e HOME=$HOME -e DIRACSYSCONFIG=$HOME/Docker/dirac.cfg diracgrid/client

Run a DIRAC client shell configured to work with the EGI DIRAC infrastructure:

docker run -it -v $HOME:$HOME -e HOME=$HOME diracgrid/client:egi

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