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Basex including the BaseX HTTP Server
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BaseX Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of BaseX for Docker.


  1. Install Docker.
  2. Simplest is to download our automated build by running git pull dirkk/docker-basexhttp

Otherwise, you could clone this repository by running git clone and build the docker image docker build -t basexhttp .


docker run -p 80:8984 --rm -it basexhttp:latest

This will run BaseX with the HTTP port listening on port 80 (the default HTTP port).

Attach persistent/shared directories

docker run -p 80:8984 -p 1984:1984 --name basexhttp -v <data-dir>:/data -v <repo-dir>:/repo -v <restxq-dir>:/webapp --rm -it basexhttp:latest

This will attach your directories (which you have to define in the <> parts) as data, repo and restxq directories, respectively.
Also, it will bind the BaseX server port, so you can access the BaseX Server using a BaseX Client.

If you want to start the process in the background you can use the flag -d and drop the --rm -it flags.

Open http://<host> in your browser to see your RESTXQ page.

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