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SSH gateway with fail2ban and Google Authenticator one-time-password support
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SSH Host with Fail2ban, Google Authenticator

This docker container bundles up sshd, fail2ban and google-authenticator TOTP into a secure ssh gateway box. Both root and 'user' accounts are available.

The 'Dockerfile-alt' can be used to prepopulate your authorized keys and google-authenticator config. You will need to put the keys into 'ssh/authorized_keys' and put the .google_authenticator file into 'google_authenticator'.

Alternately, you can run it with the shipped Dockerfile and use 'exec' to put those files in place in the final image:

cat google_authenticator | docker exec -i jovial_nobel sh -c 'cat >> /root/.google_authenticator'
cat ~/.ssh/ | docker exec -i jovial_nobel sh -c 'cat >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys'
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